An open source application for controlling 2D plotters, cutters, engravers, and CNC machines.


Cross platform

Inkcut now officially supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Installation packages are available in the download section. Source code is available on the github repository.


Significantly faster

Inkcut was completely rewritten to harness the speed of C++. Get immediate preview updates for even the most sophisticated graphics. Now features panning, zooming, and scrolling within the application.


Protocol support

Inkcut's redesign added support for multiple popular 2D graphics languages including HPGL, GPGL, DMPL, CAMM, and GCODE. The new plugin architecure allows for easy addition of custom protocols.

Why free?

Inkcut is built on top of several open source projects and would not exist without them. It's one way to give back and say thanks to the community.

Want to help?

From designer to developer. There are many ways for anyone to help out.

Support Inkcut
Need a custom implementation?

For example:

  • Drivers for specific hardware
  • Customized cutting algorithms
  • New features
  • Specialized plugins

Special features and/or hardware support can be implemented as a service. Also, alternative licensing can be requested.