Simple desktop based offline invoicing software.

Zerobooks Invoice
Create an invoice

Generate Invoices

Zerobooks is a very simple software to generate PDF invoices. It allows you to create customers and invoice them. That's it.

Just fill in your company / billing details, add a customer, create an invoice and save it as a pdf.

Manage Invoices and Customers

It records a list of customers, invoices, and products. You can add a new customer and fill out the billing details.

Add a new customer

Free and open source

Tied of SAAS and subscription based services where you don't own your data and get bait an hooked on pricing?

Good news! Zerobooks does not even need the internet to work.

Zerobooks is GPL licenced you are free to modify anything you want!

Database backed

All data is recorded in a sqlite database in your home folder (under ~/.config/zerobooks). You can backup the database by simply coping the zerbooks.db .