GNU Radio Morse code decoder block

November 28, 2022

I've been playing with GNU Radio and an SDR and decided to try out their "capture the flag" challenges.

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Teardown of a failed Walmart Great Value LED bulb

November 18, 2022

One of the LED bulbs failed after about 2 years, far short of it's claimed 9 year rating, so I decided to see how they are built.

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Dahlgren System 300z engraver spindle pinout

November 17, 2022

I had to take apart the spindle again because one of the hall sensors disconnected...

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Linux drops into intramfs shell after update to 22.04

October 28, 2022

My work laptop got a distro update today (well yesterday now) so I decided to go ahead and do it...

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Showing shared library dependencies on linux

October 27, 2022

When debugging problems with shared libraries like "undefined symbol" it is usefull to know what library is needed by what library.

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Switching logitech mouse receiver on linux

October 19, 2022

Logitech universal receivers can be reprogramed on linux using the ltunify tool.

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Linux kernel not auto removing old packages

October 19, 2022

Linux is keeping a lot of old packages and running out of space causing it to fail to update.

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libstdc++ version GLIBCXX not found

September 22, 2022

When trying to import a python library built on another system (using gcc 11) I am getting the error:

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USB error received OUT token in state DATA recevied

August 26, 2022

I'm working on a USB HID device and am getting the error can't add hid device -32 in dmesg

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Checking SPF records with python

August 04, 2022

A short post on checking email SPF records (with python).

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