Manually updating LLVM on KDE neon

October 20, 2021

The LLVM bash script to update the apt repo's doesn't work on KDE neon.

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Adding code coverage to an enaml app

October 14, 2021

To get code coverage with enaml install the enaml-coverage-plugin.

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Do 3d printer motor driver heat sinks actually help?

August 07, 2021

If you ordered any of the 3d printer stepper motor drivers off of eBay they come with little aluminum heat sinks, but do they actually help?

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New site

July 07, 2021

Welcome to my new site! In another step to de-google myself I decided to ditch the materialize theme and use an ubuntu flavor via the vanilla framework.

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Updating dokku app to ubuntu 20.04

July 07, 2021

To update a heroku app from ubuntu 18.04 to ubuntu 20.04 you need to set the buildpack stack to a version with a "-20" tag.

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Attempts to cut a solder paste stencil - Part 3

May 20, 2021

I somewhat successfully cut a solder paste stencil containing a qfn-48 package with a rotary engraver!

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Attempts to cut a solder paste stencil - Part 2

May 12, 2021

More attempts at cutting a solder paste stencil with a rotary engraver.

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How to disable FLoC in Django

April 30, 2021

Here's how to supposively "disable FLoC" in django using middleware.

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Dahlgren 300z test cut of a solder paste stencil

April 12, 2021

I decided to see how good or bad the Dahlgren System 300z is at engraving by doing a test cut for a solder paste stencil.

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Configuring nginx to gzip static files

April 08, 2021

When using dokku the static files (css, js, etc..) are typically served by nginx but by default

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