GE GSS22SGMD BS Refrigerator fix

November 05, 2020

My dad got a fridge that didn't work... the compressor wasn't running.

The fridge is a GE GSS22SGMD BS. He bypassed the controller board and the compressor was working fine. The fridge cooled down within a few hours it just was not being turned on by the control board.

Bypassing the compressor

After taking the panel off the back and exposing the board we traced the wire going to the compressor signal to the blue plug at the bottom left.

Control board

Flipping the board over showed us the problem.

Control board problem

The solder on the relay pin seems to have exploded. The relay tested out fine so I'm not sure what caused it... probably a combination vibration and lead free solder leading to cracks over time. If anyone knows send me an email!

Just cleaned it up a little and repaired it with some leaded solder and the fridge has been working fine for several months now!

Hope it helps someone!